The SeanGeek Podcast

A Podcast About Geek Culture by Geek Dads.

What is the SeanGeek Podcast?

The SeanGeek Podcast is the podcast home of Seanorama and Todd FastFretFingers.


Released every Monday at 5:00am (Saturdays with a paid subscription).

Seanorama is a father and husband, and all around Geek. Todd FastFretFingers is his brother. Together, they are the SeanGeek Podcast. 

The podcast is unrehearsed, unedited and raw. Just like real life is supposed to be. Our hosts discuss the geeky side of music, comics, movies, video games, and RPG games, usually while on the road.

Seanorama's tastes are flavored by experience in comics (CST, Symka, Meet The Geeks), movies (Star Wars: The Evil Within, Hurt), music (Salty Bear, Cyberlove), and prose (I'm a Writer or Something, Switzerland, Storybook), and gaming (Symka the game, Zombie Town).

FastFretFingers is a guitar god, studio wizard, video-gamer, and all around great guy. He has been in the band Mitoma, and with Seanorama in the Classic Embers, Jus Jammin, Dome and the Bros Before Gin.

You can find more over at Seanorama's website.