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Season 6, Episode 18 – Where is all your tax dollars going?

February 11th, 2019

To quote the brothers of the D, the government totally sucks. Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss your tax dollars and all of the various ways the government collects it, coffers it and mismanages it. Why is there never any money left and why do they keep creating new revenue streams to drain your wallet? Alcohol, fuel, income tax, GST, PST, RST (the woman tax), photo radar, casinos, marijuana… the list goes on and they keep sucking us dry while they somehow run out of money.


On the other side of the coin the brothers discuss tax rates and the level of happiness of other countries. What are the top 11 countries (why 11, because top 10 lists are passé) in terms of happiness and how do their tax levels determine their happiness?


A hint of what is coming next, keep your ears peeled for the next episode where we have a very special guest, someone I have wanted to have on the Podcast for some time. Who will it be?


PS Wunderlist is in fact great and no they are NOT paying to say it. But maybe they should. Check out Wunderlist today at your favorite App store.


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