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Season 5, Episode 20.5 – Manitoba Podcast Festival

October 1st, 2018

Something special happened today. Seanorama and FastFretFingers attended the Manitoba Podcast Festival on International Podcast Day. We met some great people, learned some stuff, found out that the local community of podcasts is much bigger than everyone could hope and finally got to meet Sam from Witchpolice Radio. Take a listen and find out what we found.


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And take a listen to some great local podcasts.


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I came into this only knowing this one:


Witchpolice Radio – Interviews with bands and artists from the local music scene, this one has long been a favorite. Sam’s style is his own and has its own beats and quirks on the show that really make it a great show.


And I am downloading episodes of all of these right now:


The Winnipeg Music Project – Something about Ashley’s story and how she came about learning to perform music through the podcast was inspiring. I love doing the things I fear the most so her story really resonated with me.



Ever Sick! Podcast – Stefan has something going for him --- he has a timing and that IT factor. The guy could probably read a phonebook and make it funny.


Paper Cut Podcast – Got a chance to chat with Liv --- I liked the approach their show takes to interviewing the people you don’t usually hear from. And they are fans of TicketMomster which is enough in my books.


Past Bedtime Studio – Met these people in the audience and had a great chat. Love the idea behind the podcast: audio-drama. Great guys!


There were more that I don’t have the names handy and may not have been able to find. To anyone I spoke with, please send me your info so I can continue to promote your material on the show.