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Season 4, Episode 37 – Versus!

April 22nd, 2018


In this episode, Seanorama plays versus (special thanks to Bunny Ears!) against first Voicesbytracy and then with Corey Toews from AODStudios. What is versus? Tune in to find out. I will hint this much, it involves Chris Hemsworth, pineapples, Winger, Keycon, Gwar, Meet The Geek, The Evil Within and a host of other things.


#Keycon #pineapple #mattvosperrocks  #georgevsrobin #covers #captainanders #theevilwithin #slaughter #winger #chrisvschris #keatonbatman #huntersthompson



Voices By Tracy

Meet The Geeks

Bunny Ears

Matt’s film - The End Of The Year End - Ice For Blood And Beyond Carbonite