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The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, with his co-host FastFretFingers, and Meet The Geek’s CoreyGeek. New episode every Monday at 5:00am.

Season 3, Episode 17 - Keycon 2017

May 27th, 2017

Seanorama takes the SeanGeek Podcast On The Road to Keycon, Winnipeg’s premiere science fiction and fantasy convention. Take a walk through the convention with brother Todd Fastfretfingers (from the band Dome) and Corey Toews (Brother K’Bob from Meet The Geeks). And yes, in this episode, he does in fact get stuck trying to find parking on the way to Keycon. This is weird, this is quirky and unorthodox. Enjoy the ‘cast!

I did not get chance to try everything at Keycon. I have tagged what is covered in the episode that I was able to enjoy, but not what I didn't get a chance to indulge in. Do you want to be in next year's episode? Do you want to be covered in an episode in the SeanGeek podcast before next Keycon? Do you want to influence the direction of the coverage next year? Hit me up and let's set something up.