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Episode 287 – September Struggles While Disney+ Hoodwinks

October 1st, 2020

On The Road Episode! Because you have asked for it, Seanorama is on the road. And to prove how dynamic the show can be in this format, two incidents happen during the Podcast at (8:44) and (13:36).

We provide a Manitoba Podcast Festival update (this was recorded between Day one and Day Two of the Festival) (1:04), when my Manitoba accent kicks in (3:48), and the device I am using at home to record podcasts: the Behringer 302USB (5:20).

What are your September struggles through COVID and back to school? Seanorama covers his own (7:12).

The release of Mulan on Video On Demand with Disney + gets Seanorama riled up about American Regionalism hoodwinking people on the actual price of the rental. (17:52)

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