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Episode 282 – The Boys Wrestle with Happenstance

August 31st, 2020

The brothers are back. They discuss the worst hecklers in the world (1:00) and a challenge to the Reel Debaters (1:56).

Seanorama uncovers some old memories when he finds a bunch of his old stuffed animals he had as a kid (2:40), how Gordon Shumway influenced the creation of his daughter’s Mr Pig (3:36), and the Play he tried staging for them (5:45).

We get an update on FastFret’s cat Wynston! (7:49) Also did what he buy for him actually end up being catnip? (13:35).

Seanorama talks about his weird moment of Happenstance (17:04). Have you heard Adiethylamide? (23:46) Todd had his own moment of Happenstance as well. (25:20)

With COVID changing the rules on sports, what is happening with Hockey (30:56), Wrestling (36:43), UFC (38:08), and how do these sports manage without a crowd (38:56)

The boys talk the Amazon show The Boys (43:16), a little bit of Spider-Man (48:54), into FastFret’s fascination with Court TV (57:39)

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