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Episode 280 – Parody and Plagiarism in Music

August 24th, 2020

(00:51) The brothers talk about when you suddenly listen to a song’s lyrics, using Run To The Hills By Iron Maiden and it’s misinterpretation and how it would work in a commercial.

(8:04) What did Weird Al’s arrival in music mean, and how much talent did he have, and where does the line between parody and plagiarism come in? (10:34) Does Led Zeppelin do it? (12:06) And what about Rap and samples? (13:07) What rock song did country band The Divorcees cover? (15:08) Does long hair a musician make? (16:06) How friend Skelly dragged Seanorama to a Weird Al show and changed his mind (20:28) and what does Al have to do with the Barenaked Ladies?

(24:32) The boys gush over YYNOT and their Rush influence and how FastFret’s band with the (34:46) Sytch brothers was an amazing thing. (36:46) And remember that time local radio was cool and promoted local music? And whatever happened to Crackdown, the band?

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