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Episode 278 - Auto Wrecking the Creatives, from McFarlane to Blizzard

August 10th, 2020

(2:04) The boys discuss trips out of the house during COVID, customer realities in this new setting, retail environments, harassment, and people travelling during the pandemic.

(12:13) What is happening in schools and what that means to those with kids.

(15:05) Major headlines with Blizzard Entertainment launches a whole conversation on wage disparity. What happened with the company and how does the situation there reflect what is happening in society? Investors, stock holders, and upper management… what do they bring and take away from the table, and what is their impact has on morale, wages, and work ethic. And what does this have to do with Auto-Wreckers? (28:03) As technology improves, should a company remain loyal to their employees? (31:17) When employees are forced out, what steps will a company take, or should they take?

(32:12) Todd McFarlane was a founder of Image Comics, an artist, writer, inker, letterer, and toy maker. Possibly the most famous Comic in the last several decades changed the face of the comic industry when he encouraged a mass walkout on Marvel Comics. Was he a rebel, or was he rebellious? Did he change the industry for the better or the worse? This is a lesson of corporate greed, stifled artistic vision, and ties into the Blizzard story.

(1:00:00) And as it comes up often, we had a little chat about FastFret finally getting 7 Days to Die for the PC.

We call out Michael Petrow from Reel Debaters during the Blizzard talk.

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