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Episode 277 – Where does the Cat LAN’d a Comic Shop

August 3rd, 2020

Everyone loves cats: Did you tune in last week? What happened to the stray cat FastFret’s found?

Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men: Having finished the TV series, the boys discuss the show and Comic Factory IV; how comic book shops are the Cheers for the Geek crowd; what is it about the show he loves; why Seanorama never opened his own shop; and what separates Comic Book Shops.

What Happened to LAN Rooms: The boys discuss LAN Rooms and Dungeons and Dragons, what separates them and what similarities there are between them; the discussion ropes in VR rooms, video game rooms, the time Seanorama took dad to one; and what happens now, post COVID to tabletop and Virtual Tabletops; what is the next evolution of both of them, and is there a merging between the two.

Movie Theatres and the Future of Movie Releases: Will New Release go straight to Video on Demand? Should they? COVID has pushed the envelope to the way that the Movie Industry needs to function and how does it compare to when Napster changed the Music Industry?

We refer back to the Streaming Services which we covered in detail in a previous episode here:

Special thanks to: @Senppai90 and Jarett from Comic Factory IV.

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