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Episode 272 – James Beaver - Cancelled!

July 6th, 2020

The brothers welcome James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies to the show. We get an update on how James has been through COVID19, movie watching habits, adjusting to the new normal and the future of cinema. What are they watching: Scoob, F is For Family, Mrs. Brown Boys, and Becky.

The topic this week are TV Series that were cancelled far too soon, series the trio feel should have continued on that were prematurely cut short, or failed to have an ending.

#scoob #captaincaveman #johnnyquest #fisforfamily #mrsbrownsfamily #becky #NowandAgain #MarriedWithChildren #RenandStimpy #SpaceAboveandBeyond #Firefly  #AvengerEarthsMightiestHeroes #Flashforward #Daybreakers #SantaClaritaDiet

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