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Episode 268 – Comic Factory IV, a History Lesson in Comics

June 8th, 2020

The brothers McGinity welcome Jarett Charowsky, owner of Comic Factory IV on to the show. They talk about their exposures to their first comics like MAD Magazine, Heavy Metal, the Star Tribune comics, Classics Illustrated, comics digests, our first comic book stores and road trips to buy comics.

They cover Archie Comics, comic collecting, Red River Books, the Invaders, Captain Carrot, Western Comics, West Coast Avengers, The Shroud, Graveyard Shift, how Jarett got his own shop and naming it, how Seanorama stumbled upon Comic Factory IV, the Cheers atmosphere, the Scoob movie and Hanna Barbera, Power Pack, the Super-Skrull, Diamond Distributors,

You can find Jarett’s store on Facebook here:

Physical Location
306 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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