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Episode 265 – Rant While Driving to Work Inspired

May 18th, 2020

Seanorama is On The Road! This is all about the Podcast Rant While Driving To Work. Rant suffered some crap at his job so we are talking about it here and now, and analyzing his episode and a perspective on what we think happened with him. Some advice, some perspective, how to get past it, the importance of silliness, and drone mentality.

His episode is here and I strongly recommend taking a listen first:
You can follow Rant over here on Twitter: @rantwhile  

The new campaign, how it ties to past campaigns, the parallel nature of COVID and my book, and how the new book fits into the new game. We answer requests from players who want a new campaign out of me.

Seanorama talks Keycon not happening this year, what it means and what about that year I boycotted the event and the reasons behind it.

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