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Episode 257 – Meet The Geeks in Quarantine

March 30th, 2020

Seanorama, FastFret and Coreygeek talk COVID. Two of the Geeks are front line and one of us now works from home. What has changed for us in our routines and what have we changed. How are we holding up through COVID and the global pandemic?

The boys discuss old age, what performers are doing to get their art out there, is there a difference between Snow Patrol and Coldplay, Stone Powered Giraffe, Big Daddy Tazz, Scott McClelland’s Carnival Diablo, who the hell is Vanessa Hudgens again, Tom Hanks’s cool, the demise of Wunderlist

-          Kiss are Boomer Juggalos,

-          is Fred Durst the American Chad Kroeger,

-          Paragon are modern snake oil,

-          Wolfgang Van Halen

And we give some shout outs to some Podcasts we are listening to:

-          Doug Morrow on The Reel Debaters @reeldebaters

-          Under the Puppet (Saturday Morning Media)

-          Primarily Critical, Azeroth A History, Beaver Does Movies

-          Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon @mitchlafon

o   Episode with Robbin Crossby


-          Ballycast


-          Ridiculous: Life of the Clown

o   Snatch Addams


-          Meet The Geeks


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