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Episode 254 – Meet The Critical Beaver Part Two

March 9th, 2020

Beaver Does Movies and Primarily Critical are back for part two of the Versus Game of Remakes versus their Original.

Watch A Man Go Full Ham – The gang look at the US remaking movies from other parts of the world. Can a great American director put his stamp on a gem from the Far East?

I Shaved My Armpits for This – This is a battle of practical effects versus CGI. What makes a film visually stunning? And just how great is James Earl Jones?

The Battle of the Hats – Does the hat make the man? Does a complete lack of musical talent make up for a complete lack of acting ability? Can one of the best actors battle an iceberg?

@BeaverDoes @primecritic on all social media hubs.

#movies #remakes #ham #director #hats #versus #bunnyears

Theme song by Todd McGinity

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