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Episode 244 – Self Checkout, Costing Jobs or Saving You Money

January 20th, 2020

Seanorama and FastFretFingers chat about self checkouts and bagging your own groceries. Does having self checkout save you--- the consumer--- money, or simply put people out of work? How does Costco fit into this with designated cashiers and employees that pack your shopping cart? The second half discusses Ikea, the Swedish phenomenon and their checkout process and their other innovations. And in another bit, the both talk about Canada’s conversion to the Metric system. And finally, Seanorama talks about his impending arrest.

Teases: The boys offer a hint for an upcoming episode about the Mandalorean and Star Wars and a tease for a guest spot on someone else’s shows. And a shoutout to James Beaver (@BeaverDoes) and Roger Boyer (@kojbfilms) for an amazing episode of Beaver Does Movies.

All of this was recorded during a cold spell in Winnipeg. They slip in winter talk, shovelling driveways, and slippery streets.

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