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Episode 241 – Spider-Man

January 10th, 2020

As always, recorded live and in the raw (sorry about the quality on this one). Seanorama talks history with Spider-Man. What is it about the character that makes him remain so popular almost 60 years later? This brings up talk of bullies and jocks, the relatability of Peter Parker, and the life lessons he gave me. He also talks about Spider-Man on the small and large screen including all its iterations from the 60’s cartoon, to Nicholas Hammond’s live action version, to the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon, leading up to why we were lucky enough to get Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man.

He also addresses WHY “comic-book” movies like Spider-Man ARE cinema and are so important to the world and WHY they changed the game, probably more so than those other “real” cinematic films.

Here is Marvel’s page on him:

#spiderman @SpiderMan #blade #xmen @TobeyMaguire #samraimi #scarface @scorsesemartin #godfather @Marvel

Theme song by Todd McGinity

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