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Season 4, Episode 38 – Electronic Drums or Not

April 28th, 2018

Seanorama and Todd Fastfretfingers ruminate over the pros and cons of electronic drums, including playing them, recording with them, listening to them and the quality of the kits Seanorama has sampled.


DTX400K - Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit


DTX900K Electronic Drum Kit


EZ Drummer



ZZTop Eliminator


Vinnie Vincent Invasion

Vinnie Vincent Boyz Are Gonna Rock

Season 4, Episode 37 – Versus!

April 22nd, 2018


In this episode, Seanorama plays versus (special thanks to Bunny Ears!) against first Voicesbytracy and then with Corey Toews from AODStudios. What is versus? Tune in to find out. I will hint this much, it involves Chris Hemsworth, pineapples, Winger, Keycon, Gwar, Meet The Geek, The Evil Within and a host of other things.


#Keycon #pineapple #mattvosperrocks  #georgevsrobin #covers #captainanders #theevilwithin #slaughter #winger #chrisvschris #keatonbatman #huntersthompson



Voices By Tracy

Meet The Geeks

Bunny Ears

Matt’s film - The End Of The Year End - Ice For Blood And Beyond Carbonite

Season 4, Episode 36 – Dis-band with Voicesbytracy and Fastfretfingers

April 14th, 2018

Are bands brands that can continue with a revolving door of musicians or does the band lose integrity every time someone in a band is replaced? Bands like Bulletboys, Kiss, Queensryche, Great White and Ratt have had controversial lineup changes and some even have two versions of the band out there competing for the same audience. Are we as fans being duped? Are the bands just trying to make a living?


#paulstanleylives #bulleyboys #queensryche #greatwhite #ratt #fromoutoftheskies #marqtorien #kiss #vanhagar #ringostarristheman #ringostarrsallstarband

Season 4, Episode 35 – Black Panther Round 2 with Voicesbytracy – Boffo box office talk

April 7th, 2018

Somehow, Black Panther has blown away the competition and broken so many records posting almost Titanic and Avatar like numbers. Seanorama and Voicesbytracy discuss the insane box office, and the how and why it is the juggernaut it is.


#blackpanther #boxofficeguru #mcu #marvel #movies

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