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Season 4, Episode 30 – With Voicesbytracy - What is the holiday again? Lost in Transcona?

February 25th, 2018

St Jean Baptiste Day, Family Day and Louis Riel Day – Why they are there, why these are controversial, and their comedic take on the whole thing. They also discuss bad jokes and Seanorama gets lost in Transcona while discussing practical jokes.


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Season 4, Episode 29 – With Voicesbytracy discussing Carol Kaye, Bordello’s, Ikea and Robin Williams’ genius.

February 18th, 2018

Seanorama and Voicesbytracy discuss Wrecking Crew’s Carol Kaye schooling Gene Simmons (correction from the podcast, I incorrectly thought Carol Kaye was part of Muscle Shoals when she is in fact part of the Wrecking Crew); JC Surrette and Mike Patterson at Le Bordel comedy club; name dropping Gagnon Beach; The Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Cannes Lions; Ikea, their commercials and the death of the founder; and the genius of Robin Williams.


#voicesbytracy #wreckingcrew #genesimmonsschooledbycarolkaye #GagnonBeach #WAG #canneslions #ikea #lebordel #carolkaye


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Voices by Tracy

Carol Kaye

Schoolin’ Gene Simmons

Le Bordel Comedie

JC Surrette

Mike Patterson

Cannes Lions

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Ikea Lamp commercial

Ikea Bookbook

 Amazing Race Ikea episode

Robin William and John Ritter

Season 4, Episode 28 – Deep Dark Cave/Disraeli Dreamers/Moon Tan show revue

February 10th, 2018

Seanorama’s review of the Deep Dark Cave/Disraeli Dreamers/Moon Tan show Saturday Feb 3rd. I had a blast at the show for the Dreamers CD release party but I also got a chance to hear Deep Dark Cave and Moon Tan for the first time. What a great show! Oh yeah, and here is the review for the new EP Insomnia Island!


And a special shout out to @ticketmomster. Great review of the show!


#disraelidreamers #deepdarkcave #moontan #insomniaisland

Season 4, Episode 27 – Disraeli Dreamers CD Review

February 2nd, 2018

Seanorama reviews Disraeli Dreamers debut CD The Lucid. Want to hear some of their songs? Join Seanorama this Saturday Feb 3rd at the Park Theatre for their release, sharing the bill with Moon Tan and Deep Dark Cave.

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