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Season 3, Episode 21 – Head On over to Wonder Woman

June 25th, 2017

Seanorama discusses the writing on Dome’s Head On, it’s evolution from it’s original origins to it’s final end. See below for the lyrics to the latest version. He also discusses the release of Wonder Woman and other properties, it’s cultural significance, and why strong female characters in movies rock.


Head On

Move your wayward face, Push it all away.
Deviate your place, Lead yourself astray
You can’t make me make up false claims
Accusing him just to push your aims
Head On
Head On
Head, head, on
Put away his fate, they will know his face.
It was just play, and you took him away.
The mask he wore was not what you saw.
He’s not a hole you can shove full of
Head On
Head On
Head, head, on

Season 3, Episode 20 – Am I a Good Dad?

June 18th, 2017

Seanorama dissects dads in this episode. What makes a good dad, what is the standard, and why he feels he falls below par, and rallies to raise the bar on being a dad.

Season 3, Episode 19 – The BMW X3 and X3 – X-Men United

June 11th, 2017

Sponsored by, Seanorama discusses BMW’s and Benz and the X-Men and the day he met his wife. Follow along as Seanorama ties these together into a rant about the misuse of language. 

Update - Next episode coming right away….

June 11th, 2017

We are in the middle of playing a geeky game of MegaTraveller... post being uploaded immediately thereafter.

Season 3, Episode 18 – Keycon Part 2

June 4th, 2017

Seanorama is back for another episode covering what was Keycon 2017.  Yes he gets lost, but this time he is not alone. This time (Brother K’Bob from Meet The Geeks) shows up as well as Todd Fastfretfingers (from the band Dome), James R (from Symka) and other assorted Keycon characters. The final recap of the Con, what Seanorama did there and what he saw.

The Specific Author I was speaking to was Lindsay Kitson who was so kind and giving in passing her knowledge along. Thank you for the great panel. And yes, you can check out her page right here:

Keycon is at:

You can check out  J Boone's Dryden's blogspot here:

You can check out Diane Walton's blog here:

You can check out Daria Patrie's blog here:


And finally, check out the Valour  Historical European  Martial Arts Academy here on their facebook page:

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