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Rockband 4 Review - OTR Ep 21

July 31st, 2016

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Seanorama reviews Rockband 4 for the Xbox One. His love for the series knows no bounds, or at least that’s what he thought until he dropped the cash (heaps of it!) for the latest instalment of the franchise. He talks about the changes made to the series on the One, the improvements, the devolvements, and his general take on where the series is from its heyday with Rockband 2.

I Married My Best Friend - OTR - Ep 20

July 23rd, 2016

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Seanorama discusses why HE got married and had kids after all of these years of just not being interested. Yes, it’s deep and philosophical and downright gushy. He waxes eloquent about why getting married for the right reasons (in his case) and having kids (not out of expectation) was the right road for him. He talks best friends and bonding yourself to those closest around you.

Drumming as art - OTR Ep 19

July 17th, 2016

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Seanorama delves into what it means to be successful, using the heartbeat analogy of a drummer, the "success" of Batman V Superman, and doing great hair. Yes these are all connected. Follow our host as he connects the dots with these three disparate yet similar topics. And how he came to realize his strengths as a drummer.

Is Rock Dead? - OTR Ep 18

July 9th, 2016

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Seanorama gets in on the debate on the death of Rock. But is it true? He takes the arguments from Gene Simmons, Dee Snider, and Sammy Hagar and tackles it head on. He talks about a new music industry and the need to change with it.

State of Decay - OTR Ep 17

July 2nd, 2016

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Seanorama talks about his obsession with Civilization Revolution and his newer obsession, State of Decay. He breaks down everything about the game, the MMO that never came and moves into the design of the board game he is working on.

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