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Season 4, Episode 7 – Top 5 Albums

In this episode with guest co-host Todd fingersmcgin, the duo discuss Todd’s top favorite albums of all time, the story behind the why, and what was happening when those albums were discovered.


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Season 4, Episode 6 – Rock Is Dead and No One Cares

Seanorama and special guest Tracy-Ann Leith discuss whether rock music has finally been killed as Gene Simmons and Dee Snider tell it, or whether there is still life in the old beast. Since the advent of Napster and the digital music age, it is not news to anyone that the sale of albums continuously dwindle each year. Is rock dead or is there a resurgence many of us don’t see coming?


Season 4, Episode 5 – Stop misusing the term ‘Rockstar’

Although Seanorama’s online callsign is rockgodsinger, he very clearly adds (sic) at the end of the name: rockgodsinger(sic). In today’s society the term Rockstar is bandied about as some sort of catchphrase that everyone uses and casually applies to people, particularly in the business world. This is one of those cases where a word is taken over by another group, misunderstood, and rebranded reducing the impact of the word in the appropriated setting. What does it all mean? Listen in and find out.


Season 4, Episode 4 – Serious Video Games Talk

Seanorama and special guest Todd Fastfretfingers are talking games! The discussion goes through linear games versus sandbox games; cross compatibility between computer and console games; and downloadable content. This is a gaming feast! Dig in! And a quick mention of the next wave of video games: Virtual Reality!


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Season 4, Episode 3 – Who was the best Player Character ever?

As a long time GamesMaster, Seanorama has played with a host of players over the years. Some of these characters his players have created have stood the test of time and are still spoken of with reverence. Who is THE favourite character he has ever seen in one of his games? Well, none other than El Tigre from the Symka RPG. Hear why El Tigre was tops in his book, a little bit about its creator James Remnant and El Tigre’s legacy.


Season 4, Episode 2 – Special guest Tracy-Ann Leith; Just for Laughs 2017

Seanorama welcomes Tracy-Ann Leith from Voices by Tracy to the show. Tracy is a talented voice actress from Montreal. Please check out her work at

In this episode they discuss Dome’s show at the Pyramid Cabaret; and tell a story from the Just For Laughs Montreal 2017 festival.


Season 4, Episode 1 – Understanding Multitasking

Seanorama is back for a new season of SeanGeek Podcast. New theme song provided by Dome.

In this episode Seanorama and special guest Todd Fastfretfingers discuss the buzzword Multitasking. Why has this single skill become the most important skill in the world and the most overused and misused term around.


Season 3, Episode 23 – Final Episode Season 3, Getting ready for 4

Well good day, SeanGeek podcast listeners. Today, we have the final episode of Season 3. That’s right three seasons of podcasts and we are still going strong and getting ready for season 4. What can you expect next season? What came in the previous seasons? Listen here for a short history listen about the ‘cast and where it’s going!

Some quick notes about: Wonder Woman and Dome


Season 3, Episode 23 – Binge Watch Box Office

Seanorama discusses binge watching, and why sometimes we need to slow down.

Seanorama also clarifies what box office returns means in this new global economy.



Season 3, Episode 22 – Seanorama finally speaks publicly on Chris Cornell’s death

In this episode, Seanorama finally found the presence of mind to discuss Chris Cornell’s impact on him.