The SEANGEEK’s Podcast

The Seangeek Podcast - On The Road

April 30, 2018

The SeanGeek Podcast is the podcast home of Seanorama. 

What is the SeanGeek Podcast? The concept of the show began as a means for host Seanorama to keep awake behind the wheel of his car on the way home to and from his late night shifts at work. The show has expanded over it's run to include co-hosts Todd Fastfretfingers, Voicesbytracy and Meet The Geeks own Corey Toews.

As a father and husband, but primarily as a Geek, the central rule to the ‘cast is each and every episode is recorded On The Road. Bad traffic, erractic drivers and getting lost are the background action to the discussions about Geek culture. The podcast is unrehearsed, unedited and raw. Just like real life is supposed to be. 

Seanorama's tastes are flavored by a eclectic background in comics (CST, Symka, Meet The Geeks), movies (Star Wars: The Evil Within, Hurt), music (Dome, Salty Bear, Cyberlove, Classic Embers), and prose (I'm a Writer or Something, Switzerland, Storybook), and gaming (Symka the game, Zombie Town). He has also been a co-host on Rum Powered Reviews and Classy Comic reviews.