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What are Seangeek’s credentials

June 7, 2017

Seanorama's tastes are flavored by a eclectic background in comics (CST, Symka, Meet The Geeks), movies (Star Wars: The Evil Within, Hurt), music (Dome, Salty Bear, Cyberlove, Classic Embers), and prose (I'm a Writer or Something, Switzerland, Storybook), and gaming (Symka the game, Zombie Town). He has also been a co-host on Rum Powered Reviews and Classy Comic reviews.


Symka starts here! (writer/creator)

CST Starts here (writer/creator)

Meet The Geeks (contributor/editor)


Star Wars The Evil Within (actor/stuntman/extra)

Hurt (unreleased) (screenwriter/producer)

Music (songwriter/singer/drummer)

Prose (unreleased - coming soon)

Gaming (unreleased)