The SEANGEEK’s Podcast

The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers.

Season 3 – Episode 1 – The New Season of the Podcast and Dome’s First Show.

January 29th, 2017

Seanorama has moved into Season 3 of the Seangeek podcast, with a format change. Shorter podcasts (which he refers to as Podbits).

In this episode, Seanorama discusses the upcoming shows in February and March, how they are getting ready for the show.

Feb 11th at The Handsome Daughter, the middle band with Awaiting the Answer and Fatal Flaw

Feb 24 at the Garrick Hotel Headlining with Burning Porcelain and 500 Pound Furnace

March 2nd at The Goodwill Club with Burning Porcelain and Awaiting the Answer.