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The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, with his co-host FastFretFingers, and Meet The Geek’s CoreyGeek

Season 6, Episode 29 – Warners and Sony have a Beef with Apple and Google

April 15th, 2019

Warner Bros and Sony distribute their digital movie copies through Ultraviolet and Flixter, but Ultraviolet has decided to shut their doors. If you’ve bought a digital copy of a Warner Bros or Sony film, you may be out of luck and have to rebuy the movie.


Seanorama is livid as he and FastFretFingers discuss why Warner Bros and Sony do not distribute digital copies through Google or Apple, why “digital copy” is a misnomer, how the “digital revolution” is a step back instead of a step forward, and how we as consumers can work through the hurdles the studios throw at us.


There will be a follow-up to this episode as Warner Bros has been in touch with Seanorama over his frustration with the digital copy process. Stay tuned and learn how he may in fact save his digital collection.


#ultraviolet #flixter #digitalcopy #warnerbros #sonystudios #itunes #apple #google #youtube #disney

Season 6, Episode 28 – Imperial vs Metric

April 8th, 2019

In the ultimate knock-down, drag-out fight, the boys discuss the Imperial system’s fight against the Metric system. In Canada, we have a blend of both systems leading to the ultimate confusion when buying food, travelling along the road, or operating in business. How do we navigate? And why are there two systems in Canada?


#imperial #metric #canada #imperialsystem #metricsystem

Season 6, Episode 27 – Who Watches No-Touch Devices?

April 1st, 2019

The brothers discuss the advent of battery run devices such as clocks and their move into no-touch devices, such as in washrooms (faucets, soap dispensers, auto-flush toilets), locks on lockers and safes, and how this advance in society has moved forward without the ability to maintain it. What happens when the batteries die and who looks after changing them?


#sensors #notouchdevices #soapdispensers #batterypoweredsensorfaucets #autoflush #lockers #engineering #redseal

Season 6, Episode 26 – Note For Note

March 25th, 2019

Seanorama and FastFretFingers debate what constitutes great live music: do you like music that matches the album note for note, or do you prefer music that changes the songs. From improvisational jams, beat changes, different intros and outros, some bands change nothing from their album while others never play the same song the same way twice. Radio edits are changes to song that soften songs for radio: When Creep by Radiohead was changed for radio, one word completely altered what the song was about. Some bands like Gwar need to adjust their songs live because of their show. What does chemistry lie in bands that are in tune and able to improvise and change their songs live on a whim?


They use the examples of Confuschia, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, 16 Horsepower, Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Gwar, Reverend Horton Heat, and the Tragically Hip.


#confuschia #vinceneilvocals #16horsepower #ledzeppelin #kissalive #redhotchilipeppers #radiohead #radioedit #reverendhortonheat #tragicallyhip

Season 6, Episode 25 – James Gunn re-hired by Disney

March 19th, 2019

Just when things couldn’t get weirder… James Gunn was promptly fired last year by Disney, leaving Guardians of the Galaxy in the dust and without a director. James Gunn was hired by DC to make Suicide Squad--- then rehired by Disney! What is going on here? The brothers discuss all of this in detail, including their theories on the why and wherefores that this all happened.


#jamesgunn #mcu #dcu #marvel #disney #guardiansofthegalaxy

Season 6, Episode 24 – Captain Marvel’s End Game at the Umbrella Academy

March 18th, 2019

Seanorama takes a shot at Pod Of Thunder, then discusses Marvel’s Captain Marvel and the Avengers End Game Last Trailer, as well as a review of the Umbrella Academy Netflix show.


#podofthunder #captainmarvel #avengers #endgame #umbrellaacademy #netflix

Season 6, Episode 23 – The Amber Alert

March 11th, 2019

The opening talk with the boys covers drivers who speed in residential areas and the greatness of Wunderlist. They also have a lengthy discussion about the Amber Alert: what worked and what didn’t, where can improvements be made, and the legislation around it.


#residentialracing #tailgating #amberalert #wunderlist #podofthunder #randomepisodes #studioupdate

Season 6, Episode 22 – Car Accidents, Septic Hockey and New Brunswick Stories

March 4th, 2019

The boys talk car accidents, including Seanorama’s recent one and an old one of FastFretFingers’.


They also cover go deep on Corey Toews’s dad’s passing.


Then, the boys take a trip down memory lane talking about “septic backyard hockey” and how they made do with what they had when they were wee lads, including an improvised skating rink and hockey pucks. They talk about “the Pit”, the famous Ohio fire, BB guns, their’s dad’s lasso skills, and “Ohio du Diable”, bootlegging, and the final say on whether they would ever return to New Brunswick.


#drivingshit #perimeterhighway #highfives #autopilot #abs #newbrunswick #shediac #septichockey #shediac #backyardhockey #horseshitvscowshit #boomerang #cowpatties #ratingsjuggernaut #fiddleheads #icebiking #bootlegger

Season 6, Episode 21 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Lounge

February 25th, 2019

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a private show (thanks to Sam from Witchpolice Radio). Almost as entertaining as the show itself (which will be covered in a later episode) was getting to the show. I planned to be there 30 minutes before show time and got there 15-20 minutes after showtime. What the hell happened? Well let us tell you…


The brothers also talk about more changes to the studio that FastFretFingers has made, getting into the technical side of things, including codpasts (?), portable studios (shout out to James Beaver), and microphones.


#witchpoliceradio #loungefm #podcaststudios #podcasting #codpasting

Season 6, Episode 20 – Interview with Sam Z Thompson of Witchpolice Radio

February 18th, 2019

Finally… Sam from Witchpolice Radio makes it to the SeanGeek Podcast. They talk about Sam’s musical beginnings with Grandpas’ Army, Mouthboat, and Dynamo; how he transitioned into Podcasting; what is Sam’s Geek and how the Jets departure might have been the reason behind Witchpolice; special thanks to Ryan Sorensen and the Disraeli Dreamers, Swedish listeners and the Swedish music scene; Sam’s house party shows; the difficulty of being musicians and dads; the greatness of live podcasts; and the greatness of the local podcast scene (special shout out to Stefan Richard, Roger Boyer, and James Beaver).


#ska #winnipegmusicscene #manitobapodcast #eversickpodcast #nerdist #chrishardwick #journalism #hockey #winnipegjets #electronicdrums #comicbooks #xmen #avengers #sweden #disraelidreamers #therefused #burningheartrecords #swedishmetal #theslackers #dizzymystics #attilan #quoththesun #electric6 #pubchat #Winnipegmusicproject #redriverransom #villageidiots #handsomedaughter


Witchpolice Radio

Season 6, Episode 19 – Manitoba Podcast Festival Post Meeting

February 13th, 2019

Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss Manitoba podcasts and the upcoming festival in 2019. The boys had a meeting with the organizers and share their thoughts on the meeting, the stae of podcasts in Winnipeg, the local Podcast scene, their thoughts on YouTube, and how to find your new favorite podcast.


They also delve into (yet again) 7 Days to Die and the greatness of the game, and another talk on World of Warcraft.


#manitobapodcastfestival #7daystodie #worldofwarcraft

Season 6, Episode 18 – Where is all your tax dollars going?

February 11th, 2019

To quote the brothers of the D, the government totally sucks. Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss your tax dollars and all of the various ways the government collects it, coffers it and mismanages it. Why is there never any money left and why do they keep creating new revenue streams to drain your wallet? Alcohol, fuel, income tax, GST, PST, RST (the woman tax), photo radar, casinos, marijuana… the list goes on and they keep sucking us dry while they somehow run out of money.


On the other side of the coin the brothers discuss tax rates and the level of happiness of other countries. What are the top 11 countries (why 11, because top 10 lists are passé) in terms of happiness and how do their tax levels determine their happiness?


A hint of what is coming next, keep your ears peeled for the next episode where we have a very special guest, someone I have wanted to have on the Podcast for some time. Who will it be?


PS Wunderlist is in fact great and no they are NOT paying to say it. But maybe they should. Check out Wunderlist today at your favorite App store.


#wunderlist #grilles #government #deathandtaxes #cashcow #whereisallthemoney #racehorsing

Season 6, Episode 17 – The Titans are Deeply Cool

February 4th, 2019

Seanorama discusses the new take on the Teen Titans with the WB show Titans, his own history with the comics, and if the show holds up to its history with the iconic runs of Marv Wolfman/George Perez and Geoff Johns/Mike McKone


Note: As this issue was recorded On the Road, the name left out on the Classic Geoff Johns run was artist Mike McKone.


Note: Yes I worked DC into the title of this podcast, and no it was not particularly clever.


#titans #teentitans #thenewteentitans #geoffjohns #marvwolfman #georgeperez #mikemckone #DC

Season 6, Episode 16 – Corey Toews, this Episode is For YOU

January 29th, 2019

Sometimes you just have to shout out to the Man. And that man is Corey Toews. Not only is the master of makeup, photography, cartooning, great taste, great Keycon moments, cameos in other people’s works, and a host of other things, he also happens to be like a brother to both Seanorama and FastFretFingers. It just like the right time to honor our great buddy and friend of the podcast. Thought he could use a little cheering up. Corey--- this episode is for you.


#meetthegeeks #cartoon #photography #keycon #cameos

Season 6, Episode 15 – Are VLT’s the new Video Game?

January 28th, 2019

Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss VLT’s (Video Lottery Terminals) and their ascendency in today’s culture versus versus video games, which countries have the largest number of gamblers, and how big the market is.


The boys also hit on songwriting and cover some great memories.


#vlt #videogame #gambling #songwriting

Season 6, Episode 14 – Pod Of Thunder

January 21st, 2019

What is the Pod Of Thunder? Seanorama shares how he discovered the Kiss-centric Podcast that reviews each Kiss song one at a time, the virtues of the show and why you need to listen to it, (even if you are NOT a Kiss fan).


In the second half, the boys cover the Winnipeg winter (-40 degrees) and what Seanorama is listening to in Podcasts these days. Talk centers on Johnny Carson, Chris Hardwick (ID10T), Michael Rosenbaum (Inside of You), and Sam Thompson (Witchpolice Radio) and how Podcasts are re-educating us to having conversations again.


#podofthunder #kiss #talkisjericho #id10t #insideofyouwithmichaelrosenbaum #manitobapodcastfestival #witchpoliceradio


Pod Of Thunder Podcast

Talk is Jericho


Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum

Witchpolice Radio


Todd’s Music and other audio wizardry


Sean’s Reverbnation Page

Season 6, Episode 13 – Versus Main Event – Meet The Geeks

January 14th, 2019

Dueling Versus episode with Seanorama, FastFretFingers and CoreyGeek. They dig deep in this episode of versus, covering:

  • Paw Patrol (what??) and the secret of the mayors,
  • The PJ Masks controversy
  • House of Pain and Kriss Kross
  • how Thomas became the Hammer,
  • what instrument Bob Ross would play,
  • Do The Revolution,
  • melodic guitar solos are missing,
  • why certain names can be shortened,
  • being mistaken for Ace Burpee,
  • when men cry over Joe Satriani,
  • who is Rudy Sarzo,
  • why Lar Desouza is the best Lawrence and Least I Could Do is the best webcomic
  • the greatness of Thunderfunk
  • Brain Pulp TV
  • Johnny Rotten hawking butter,
  • what is David Lee Roth doing,
  • the greatness of Three’s Company,


#bunnyears #versus #pawpatrol #pjmasks #houseofpain #krisskross #bobross #pearljam #nirvana #aceburpee #joesatriani #rudysarzo #lartist #licd #thunderfunk #brainpulptv #johnnyrotten #davidleeroth #threescompany #johnritter

Season 6, Episode 12 – Year in Review – 2018

January 6th, 2019

Seanorama, FastFretFingers and CoreyGeek (from Meet The Geeks) reminisce about 2018 and all of its highlights, including:

  • Todd’s early year announcement
  • The Return of Meet The Geeks the Webcomic
  • The changes to the SeanGeek podcast
  • Keycon 2018
  • Todd’s new bass
  • Dome’s CD Release, final show and lost opportunities
  • Trooper’s show
  • Drake and MTS, birds of a feather
  • Comics for Cause and Comic Basics @comicbasics @comicsforcause
  • Corey’s first published article over at @comicbasics
  • Witchpolice Radio @witchpoliceradio
  • The Evil Within finally got it’s showing
  • The growth of the SeanGeek Podcast: thank you Sweden and the UK
  • Nanowrimo: Seanorama completed it this year
  • Codex of Desire by Lauren Alder @
  • Guests on the show
  • Favorite episodes of the year
  • Special plea to have Jeff and Joel Scott on the show
  • Special plea to have Lar on the show
  • Want to be a guest: please reach out
  • Top downloads of the year
  • Special shout-out to Ticket Momster
  • Seanorama’s favorite episodes of the year
    • Voicesbytracy
    • XYZ
    • Spotify’s failure to support artists
    • Failure of streaming media
    • Having Danny Roy on the show
    • Threatin and the blow out from it
    • Biggest countries to download the show
      • Sweden, US, UK and Australia
    • Patreon – please donate to keep the show running
  • Updates on Bros Before Gin and the novel Sweden


The Top 10 most downloaded episodes of the year were:

Season 6, Episode 11 – Blizzard’s Hoarfrost Reception

December 29th, 2018

Seanorama and co-host FastFretFingers talk about the release of Blizzard’s new Diablo game, Diablo Immortal --- exclusively on mobile platforms. You could hear a pin drop when the announcement came at Blizzcon --- misfire? The duo talk about the release, why people got angry at the company, and how to move forward.

#blizzard #diabloimmortal #blizzcon


Season 6, Episode 10 – Bethesda Failure to Launch

December 24th, 2018

Seanorama and co-host FastFretFingers talk about Fallout76, the latest in Bethesda’ Fallout series, the lukewarm reception to the game, the ongoing bag-gate saga, and how Fallout76 mirrored their release of Elder Scrolls Online a few years earlier.

#fallout #fallout76 #bethesda #bag-gate

Special Edition - Merry Christmas from the SeanGeek Podcast

December 23rd, 2018

All the best in this holiday season. The duo talk about Christmas’s past and starting new traditions.

#christmas #seasonsgreetings

Season 6, Episode 9 – Meet The Geeks Podcast Edition

December 17th, 2018

The Boys (Seanorama and FastFretFingers) invited CoreyGeek from Meet The Geeks to the recording studio. This is what we ended up with.

The discussion covers upcoming stuff with both the Podcast and the webcomic, the love of Sweden, some podcast tips for beginners (hint make sure to share your RSS feed), some Podcast players we use, what it was like playing the work Christmas party (Seanorama did), and what to expect with some future guests.

#meetthegeeks #swag #sweden #ikea #zoomrecorder #singers #drummers #godaddy #workchristmasparties

Season 6, Episode 8 – Special Guest Lauren Alder – The Codex of Desire

December 10th, 2018

See the unedited version of this episode only on Patreon.

The SeanGeek’s Seanorama and FastFretFingers bring out their big gun (that’s Corey Toews beautiful mug) to facilitate this special format episode of the show. Laurie E. Smith, writing as Laren Alder has just released the Codex Of Desire (which has not become a #1 bestseller) joins us at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg to talk about the book. They get in depth into the novel, as well as covering some great topics including Keycon, Wild Prairie FurryCon, the Radisson Hotel, McNally Robinson and a host of other topics. But yeah, dinosaurs!


#codexofdesire #keycon #Wildprairiefurrycon #radissonhotel #winnipeg #mcnallyrobinson


"The Codex of Desire: A Tragic Tale of Prehistoric Love"

Love and violence, war and lust, lies and betrayal — even intelligent feathered dinosaurs fell prey to such savage impulses, more than 67 million years ago. 

When Raoul Deguchi, a human palaeontologist, touches the alien-forged metal band wrapped around the forearm of a small theropod dinosaur fossil, he is mentally transported back in time to experience the tragic intersection of five dinosaur lives. Girn'ash, a shrewd and secretive female slave, falls in love with Tir'at~Esk, a dashing military prisoner — and will do anything in her meagre power to win his freedom. But Girn'ash's queen is determined to coerce the handsome warrior into her harem, and when so many ferocious desires collide it might doom an entire civilization to nuclear extinction.

The book can be found where better books are sold. You can also get it on Amazon here:

If you want to follow Lauren, here are her social media homes:





Season 6, Episode 7 – Cheech and Chong and snowblowers

December 3rd, 2018

On the way to the Cheech and Chong show, Seanorama and FastFretFingers talk about snowblowers, Black Friday, gas prices, Sweden, winter, CAA, and of course Cheech and Chong. They review the show, the legalization of marijuana in Canada, their Canadian ties, signing to Motown, being mistaken for driving high, the smell of Archibald, changes to Netflix, and their typical driving shenanigans.


#cheechandchong #snowblowers #legalization #caa

Season 6, Episode 6 – Stan Lee (Extra Episode)

December 1st, 2018

Stan Lee. What more can be said about the legend? He was Marvel Comics. He co-created Spider-Man, Dr Strange, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and a host of others. He ran Marvel Comics. He was the pitchman for comic books as an industry and was integral to bringing it to the masses. Without his tireless plugging, and without his rich and deep comic work, he is the most prolific writer of the 20th century, the most influential man in comics, and the best pitchman for the underdog.


We talk about his influence, his wife Joan, his importance to society, and the moral compass that came with his work.

#stanlee #stanleeforever #marvel #writing #comicbooks #comics #mcu

Season 6, Episode 5 – How to Buy a Car and Handle the Canadian Winter

November 26th, 2018

Seanorama and FastFretFingers talk cars. What kind of tomfoolery is this?


The duo educates and tells stories (in their own inimitable way) how Canada in the winter is, including temperature, car care, add-ons to our cars, and the general problems we go through.


They also share their stories of purchasing their own vehicles, and the pitfalls they went through, on what to look and ask for.


Want to advertise on a Podcast with global exposure. We have a listenership with strong exposure in Canada, Sweden, the UK and the US. Contact us to advertise with us.


Zohar at A-Z Electronics


#canadianwinter #carstarters #windchill #celcius #humidex #carbuying

Season 6, Episode 4 – Unraveling the Hoax of Threatin

November 19th, 2018

Seanorama and guest host CoreyGeek talk about the story of artist Jered Threatin, and the hoax he perpetrated on the world. Is he even a talented artist, and did he just go too far?


#threatin #hoax #breakingtheworld

Season 6, Episode 3 – Kiss versus Kiss, featuring Danny Roy

November 12th, 2018

In this all-star episode, Danny Roy and Seanorama talk about their top 5 Kiss Albums. With moderators CoreyGeek (from Meet The Geeks) and regular co-host Todd FastFretFingers, the boys talk about their love of Kiss, their introductions to Kiss and their top 5 Kiss Albums.


Special thanks to Decibel Geek for the germ of this idea.


#kiss #thunderfunk #dannyrocks #decibelgeek #thedivorcees #melaniemorgan #top5


Danny Roy – A musician formerly from the East Coast, he has been in the bands Thunderfunk, The Divorcees and the Melanie Morgan Band. Most notably for this episode, he is a member of the Kiss tribute band The Love Guns.


The Divorcees

Melanie Morgan


FastFretFinges – Todd is the man. Period.


CoreyGeek – Corey is the genius behind Meet The Geeks and not a Kiss fan.

Season 6, Episode 2 – Halloween 2018

November 4th, 2018

Seanorama talks about Halloween traditions, this year with the kids, and his party.



Season 6, Episode 1 – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Process

October 29th, 2018

The Brothers discuss what is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the induction process, whether the Hall should be renamed to exclude “rock and roll” in the title, their vague induction criteria, and who should be eligible. They go through the upcoming inductees in their own inimitable fashion and provide a commentary on the state of the Hall of Fame and compare them to the Country Music Hall of Fame.


#rockandrollhalloffame #ironmaiden #rageagainstthemachine #tommorello #kiss #rush #iloveyouman #deeppurple #blacksabbath #detroitrockcity #madonna #publicenemy #davidcrosby #tednugent #alicecooper #michaeljackson #defleppard #devo #janetjackson #johnprine #kraftwerk #llcoolj #mc5 #radiohead #roxymusic #stevieknicks #thecure #toddrundgren #rufusandchakakahn #thezombies


Bruce Dickinson on the Hall of Fame


Tom Morello on the Hall of Fame


The list of the Different Hall of Fames



The Most Undeserving Members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Season 5, Episode 24 – Jason Becker and other shredders

October 22nd, 2018

Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss their numbers, the dominance of Sweden (tease, tease, upcoming episode), and have a vast discussion on Jason Becker and the shred scene, as well as Slash and Ace Frehley. For those not in the know, Jason Becker was the guitar virtuoso struck down with ALS around 20 years of age, who had played in Cacophony and David Lee Roth. Despite the illness he has a new album coming out in December!!!


Jason Becker

Jason Becker’s new album


Slash’s website

Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators’s new album


Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley’s new album


#sweden #jasonbecker #slash #acefrehley #cacophony #paulgilbert #racerx #mileskennedy #brentfitz #toddkearns

Season 5, Episode 23 – Todd Versus’s Seanorama

October 15th, 2018

Todd FastFretFingers does his own Versus and plays it on Seanorama. Can he handle the challenge? In loving commemoration of the Bunny Ears Podcast. Within the context of the game, they explain how time works between the real world and comic books and the movies; how studio involvement works for Marvel and DC films; how some producers have broken great bands; the nuances of running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign; adaptions of books and comics to movies.


#bunnyears #marvel #dc #writing #mcu #dceu #nolanverse #disney #suicidesquad #guardians #comiccon #keycon #starwars #startrek #GM #DM #rpg #dungeonsanddragons #adaptation

Season 5, Episode 21 – Happy Birth-giving, Captain Marvel and Dark Phoenix

October 6th, 2018

The logistics of having two birthdays (mine and Silvy’s) on Thanksgiving, Silvy’s debut on the Podcast in her own inimitable fashion, the truth about university, New Moon Massage Therapy and reviews of the trailers for Captain Marvel and X-Men’s Dark Phoenix.

 #thanksgiving #newmoonwellnesscentre #captainmarvel #darkphoenix #xmen 

New Moon Wellness Centre


Captain Marvel


X-Men Dark Phoenix

Season 5, Episode 20.5 – Manitoba Podcast Festival

October 1st, 2018

Something special happened today. Seanorama and FastFretFingers attended the Manitoba Podcast Festival on International Podcast Day. We met some great people, learned some stuff, found out that the local community of podcasts is much bigger than everyone could hope and finally got to meet Sam from Witchpolice Radio. Take a listen and find out what we found.


#manitobapodcastfestival #internationalpodcastday


And take a listen to some great local podcasts.


On Facebook



I came into this only knowing this one:


Witchpolice Radio – Interviews with bands and artists from the local music scene, this one has long been a favorite. Sam’s style is his own and has its own beats and quirks on the show that really make it a great show.


And I am downloading episodes of all of these right now:


The Winnipeg Music Project – Something about Ashley’s story and how she came about learning to perform music through the podcast was inspiring. I love doing the things I fear the most so her story really resonated with me.



Ever Sick! Podcast – Stefan has something going for him --- he has a timing and that IT factor. The guy could probably read a phonebook and make it funny.


Paper Cut Podcast – Got a chance to chat with Liv --- I liked the approach their show takes to interviewing the people you don’t usually hear from. And they are fans of TicketMomster which is enough in my books.


Past Bedtime Studio – Met these people in the audience and had a great chat. Love the idea behind the podcast: audio-drama. Great guys!


There were more that I don’t have the names handy and may not have been able to find. To anyone I spoke with, please send me your info so I can continue to promote your material on the show.

Season 5, Episode 21 – Versus Part 2 – FastFretFingers

September 30th, 2018

Hey fans! Don’t forget to head out to The Manitoba Podcast Festival September 29th. Yes two members of the SeanGeek podcast will be there, Seanorama and Todd FastFretFingers. Follow the link below for the details!


Do you like Bunny Ears? You know that podcast that Macaulay Culkin and Matt Cohen do? In this episode, Seanorama foists the Versus game from Bunny Ears on Todd FastFretFingers. What will he choose? What categories might shake the mighty guitarist? Find out here!!!


#bunnyears #cameltoad #incredibleculk #vanhalen #kiss #harlequin #honeymoonsuite #kimmitchell #brianadams #triumph #rush #fender #batman #spider-man #winnipegjets #winnipegbluebombers


Bunny Ears Podcast

Season 5, Episode 20 – Avengers 4 Theories and Analysis

September 24th, 2018

Seanorama takes the best of the fan theories out there and blends them with his own take on what to expect in Avengers 4.

#mcu #avengers4 #avengersinfinitywar #theoriesoneverything #infinitygauntlet #infinitywar #avengers

Season 5, Episode 19 – Artificial Intelligence – Pros and Cons

September 18th, 2018

Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Automation. The discussion is peppered through: driving cars; factory employees; chips in humans; the Rapture; Skip the Dishes; the loss of the human element in business; Lean Manufacturing; overworking employees; the misconception of multi-tasking; recession proof industries; increased “paper” in paperless society; algorithms in Netflix; why algorithms fail on streaming services; Arianna the algorithm versus Christina the soul singer; is Beyonce a singer or a celebrity?; Kardashians are an algorithm?

#automation #algorithm #ai #habitatforhumanity #daddyslittlegirl #domeband #autodrive #backseatlove #lullabies #tesla #therapture #koolaidreligions #skipthesishes #humanelement #leanmanufacturing #paperlesssociety #netflix #christinaaguilera #beyonce #kardashian

Donate to Habitat for Humanity

Dome Band

Season 5, Episode 17 – Extra Episode – Habitat for Humanity

September 15th, 2018

This week, Seanorama took part of a Habitat for Humanity build. Life changing experience? Yup. He talks about the experience, what Habitat does, why it is important and his own story with some past struggles. Please donate on the link below!


Season 5, Episode 17 – The Strange Case of Chris Hardwick

September 10th, 2018

Seanorama and Todd FastFretFingers discuss the controversial case that is Chris Hardwick. Hardwick lost everything over allegations made against him. What happened in the case against Hardwick?


#chrishardwick #id10t #talkingdead #thewall #nerdist

Season 5, Episode 16 – SeanGeek on James Gunn

September 3rd, 2018

Seanorama and Todd FastFretFingers delve into the James Gunn firing from Disney. Did Disney do the right thing?


#jamesgunnfiring #disney #guardiansofthegalaxy3

Season 5, Episode 15 – Trooper, Cheech & Chong, and Drake

August 27th, 2018

Seanorama and FastFretFingers chat it up as they make their way to the Trooper show at the Club Regent Casino. They delve into:


  • Cheech and Chong (FastFretFingers does his best impersonation!)
  • Horror movies of old versus the new
  • Dome fans
  • The Winnipeg Police Chopper
  • How FastFretFingers got into Trooper
  • Is Nazareth a Christian band?
  • Uncle Junior’s record player
  • Getting lost in the parking lot
  • Gambling amongst the elders
  • Post show reviews of the Pumps/Orphan and Trooper
  • Slaughter RULES!
  • The Drake/Spotify controversy, thanks to Mike Mason
  • Why are we paying for ads?


#Trooper #Pumps&Orphan #cheech&chong #horror #domeband #slaughterrules #mikemason #whydoipayforads #drakecontroversy

Season 5, Episode 14 – It’s been a Fortnite since I’ve played Warhammer

August 20th, 2018

Seanorama and FastFretFingers talk about Fortnite, in a pre-review of the game. They also talk about Warhammer Vermintide and the original Warhammer tactical game. Luna also has a cameo at the end of the episode!!!!


#fortnite #warhammer #vermintide #puppylovesme

Season 5, Episode 13 – Review of Nashville Hurricane – Winnipeg Fringe Festival

August 13th, 2018

Seanorama and FastFretFingers review the latest play from Chase Padgett, the Nashville Hurricane. They also talk about Chase, the performer and his other work 6 Guitars.


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Season 5, Episode 13 – Pro’s And Cons of the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU

August 6th, 2018

The Fantastic Four and the X-Men are now going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to the deal struck between Disney and Fox. Tread lightly, because there are definite cons to the merger. Listen along as Seanorama fills you in how to add these franchises in without making Marvel Films buckle under the sheer number of characters.


#mcu #marvel #x-men #fantasticfour #avengers

Season 5, Episode 12 – Rating the Music Streaming Services

July 30th, 2018

What are the best music streaming services from the perspective of the artist and of the consumer? And is the answer the same to both questions? Seanorama and FastFretFingers provide a loose analysis of the pay rates from the streaming services from both the consumer and the artist.


#musicstreaming #payrates #musicindustry #managementfees #winnipegmusicscene #domeband #andthewinneris


Season 5, Episode 11 – Comedy, Comics Basics, and Mixtapes

July 23rd, 2018

Not sedated but inflated. Seanorama and Voicebytracy discuss standup comedy, centered around Clayton T Stewart’s standup comedy at Rumor’s Comedy Club; the boys at Comics Basics; and the difference between “mixtapes” and “playlists”.


#winnipegcomedy #winnipegfunniestpersonwithadayjob #comicsbasics #playlists


Clayton T Stewart’s performance


Rumor’s Comedy Club


The folks at Comics Basics

Season 5, Episode 10 – Video Game Talk with FastFretFingers

July 15th, 2018

Seanorama and Fastfretfingers talk video games (Far Cry 5, GTA V, Resident Evil 5 and 6), the limitations with digital games on consoles and space, how family memberships work on consoles, the issue with the membership with Xbox Live and World of Warcraft.


#farcry4 #gtav #residentevil #newgta #xboxlive #videogamesoutsellmovies

Season 5, Episode 9 – History Lesson

July 7th, 2018

Ever wonder about the true origins of the Podcast and it’s association with Meet The Geeks? In this retrospective look, Seanorama himself takes us back in time how that association began and how MTG was a precursor to The SeanGeek Podcast. Think you know the whole story? Check out this episode to hear it all. A great thank you to the co-hosts Corey Toews, Todd McGinity, and Tracy-Ann Leith, and most of all to his loving spouse Silver.


#mtgcomics #tew #starwarsfanfilm #truefriendship #geeksforever

Season 5, Episode 8 – Return of Voices By Tracy!

July 1st, 2018

After a bit of a hiatus, Tracy from Voices by Tracy returns and catches up with Seanorama! They discuss how to set goals and accomplish them with some straightforward easy to digest advice. And finally, we get the history of how Tracy got into voice work.


Also some background info on Dome, Seanorama’s new electronic drumkit, CoreyGeek’s first published article, and Vaping.


Voices By Tracy




#analysisparalysis #doyourthing #youareamazing #smallsteps #voices #ihavedrums #backinthegroove

Season 5, Episode 7 – Are Trades Killing Comics?

June 24th, 2018

T’Carp, Tae Kwon Do black belt, comic collector, table top gamer, and Legend of Zelda aficionado joins Seanorama on this episode. When comic book trades were introduced, it was simply to reprint old issues of comic books but have grown into an industry unto itself. Are trades outselling comic books?


#tradepaperback #comicbooks #omnibus