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Season 4, Episode 29 – With Voicesbytracy discussing Carol Kaye, Bordello’s, Ikea and Robin Williams’ genius.

Seanorama and Voicesbytracy discuss Wrecking Crew’s Carol Kaye schooling Gene Simmons (correction from the podcast, I incorrectly thought Carol Kaye was part of Muscle Shoals when she is in fact part of the Wrecking Crew); JC Surrette and Mike Patterson at Le Bordel comedy club; name dropping Gagnon Beach; The Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Cannes Lions; Ikea, their commercials and the death of the founder; and the genius of Robin Williams.


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Voices by Tracy

Carol Kaye

Schoolin’ Gene Simmons

Le Bordel Comedie

JC Surrette

Mike Patterson

Cannes Lions

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Ikea Lamp commercial

Ikea Bookbook

 Amazing Race Ikea episode

Robin William and John Ritter


Season 4, Episode 28 – Deep Dark Cave/Disraeli Dreamers/Moon Tan show revue

Seanorama’s review of the Deep Dark Cave/Disraeli Dreamers/Moon Tan show Saturday Feb 3rd. I had a blast at the show for the Dreamers CD release party but I also got a chance to hear Deep Dark Cave and Moon Tan for the first time. What a great show! Oh yeah, and here is the review for the new EP Insomnia Island!


And a special shout out to @ticketmomster. Great review of the show!


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Season 4, Episode 26 – Fixes for the DC Extended Universe

Seanorama discusses the missteps Warner Brothers has had with their DC Extended Universe films, including where they are now, how they could have approached it, how they did approach it and what they still can do to course correct.


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Season 4, Episode 25 – Be Famous… or Not

If you had the choice of being rich or famous, which would you pick? Would you rather be working at your craft, or just be famous? Seanorama and Todd Fastfretfingers discuss the truths behind it all.


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Season 4, Episode 24 – Tech Talk with Todd Fastfretfingers

Todd talks about his first mods on his guitars, and the that whole technical side of getting that sound you want out of your guitars. They cover Todd’s recreations of the Van Halen guitars to getting just the right sound. From humble beginnings of trial and error, and the time Todd ran over a guitar with his car, to Todd’s guitar wall of fame.


Here is an interesting link to Eddie’s guitars that provided the inspiration for Todd’s guitar modding.


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Season 4, Episode 23 – Tech Time, Tom-lutherie, and that first guitar

Seanorama gets Fastfretfingers on the show to talk Todd’s big announcement, his new bass, and the story of his first guitar. The story takes us back to their youths, the kitchen parties with uncle Ronny, Junior and Mike, his first bands with Mike, Norm, Mike and Zap (Mitoma), boiling guitar parts in wax (honestly), and some guitar tech talk.


Tech Talk on


Ibanez SR400 Bass

Peavey Millennium

Made in Japan Squier Stratocaster

Mexican Fender Strat

Hollow body Ibanez

Boiling in wax

Samick Bass


Season 4, Episode 23 - Get Behind Something!

Seanorama gets passionate in this episode as he reviews the lackadaisical and weak poor character arcs that flowed through Graeme Simsion’s The Best of Adam Sharp, the famous author behind the Rosie Project and Scar Tissue, the biography on Anthony Kiedis. He finds redemption in the Russell Brand interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, local Winnipeg music and especially on the Village Idiots’ Live At The Roslyn.


Season 4, Episode 22 – 7 Days to Die at Christmas and other fairy tales

Seanorama gabs about: the new upcoming tattoo; the coolness of his wife; Carcassonne;  7 Days To Die – the video game; the Space Alert board game; Star Wars; Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and the episode with James Franco and the Disaster Artist; the beauty of Kraken Rum; Shane Welin’s Rum Powered; Reviews; DioWarriors; the genius of ADiethylamide.


Season 4, Episode 21 – Sean and — Todd and — Virtual Reality

We’re posting this one a little early because I have a hectic weekend. In this episode, Seanorama and Todd Fastfretfingers went out and did some VR --- Virtual Reality at DO VR and have some discussion about the experience.


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